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Why us

About the school

The school is located in the land of midnight sun, Kiruna. Far up in the northern part of Sweden. Close to the town you have six thousand lakes with pike, perch, trout, grayling, arctic char and other popular game fish. You also find seven free floating rivers with big salmons and tricky trout that will give you a challenge.

If you love fishing and still want to have near to a town with restaurants and pleasant people. Kiruna is the place for you! This is a new start in your life! Soon are you a professional fishing guide with the whole world as a working place!


About the program

The program focuses on creating professional guides with in-depth knowledge of different type of angling. You will also be an expert of cooking in the field. The modern fishing guides need to fish sustainable so an advanced fishery biology and management course will be included. In other words, when you are finish with the program you will be ready to start your own guiding career.

About you?

You are a serious angler who really wants to learn more about this wonderful hobby, you even want to make this to your lifestyle. You feel like you want to change careers and do something you think makes sense in life. Today, you already fish sustainable and you want to learn other how to catch fish?

How long is the program and when does it start?

The program is during one year, two sessions and start 2 August 2021 and end 29 July 2022.


As a student we offer you an apartment in a collective where you live during the hole program period. The cost is 4000 SEK per month.


What you will learn

What you will learn

Different fishing methods

During the year you study at our place we will teach you several fishing methods, so you become an expert in each area. Some days your clients want to be guided in fly fishing and other days in sea fishing for cod. In the northern part of Sweden its highly popular with ice fishing, you will learn that too. After completing the education, you will be prepared for all different guiding situations.

Cooking in the field beside the water

As a professional guide, it is important that you are good at cooking food in the field. The education will teach you basic cooking as well as being able to cook the little extra for your future customers. During the education we will cook and eat good food in the wilderness often. You are gonna be an expert after many hours of practice. And of course we will learn you all about camp life in the wilderness.

The business of guiding

As a fishing guide, it’s not all about fishing. You have to pay taxes, buy equipment and of course give yourself one salary. We teach the basics of business so you can quickly get started with your own guide company.

Safety and water rescue

Safety is the most important, yet most often under-appreciated aspect of guiding. Our teachers are whitewater experts, life-long river users, and have faced nearly every wilderness situation. Our understanding of safety on the water will help you guide with confidence and help you feel comfortable in any situation.

Marketing yourself and get more clients

Success in this business hinges on being good at what you do. There is also a lot to be said for knowing the right people in the right places. We are believers in that success breeds more success. If you are doing a great job on the water, work will come your way. But how do you get your foot in the door and ensure fly shops and outfitters know your name? We know the tricks of the trade and through our broad experience in the industry.


As a guide you will meet people from many different countries. It is important that you have the confidence in English and that you also understand the terms of the fishing industry. The entire program is in English, which means that you will be an expert after completing your studies.


In order to be able to predict changes in people’s tourism, we will teach you how to interpret the market. As a fishing guide, it is important that you are always ahead of step in order to plan in the long term.

Real guide assignments

During the study period you will be able to lead your own guiding sessions. The purpose of this is to get you to know on a regular workday and what pitfalls there are and how to make it easier for yourself when you have finish the education and start guiding for real.

Advanced fisheries biology

To be a good guide you need to know everything about the fish. Therefore, an advanced fisheries biology and management  course will be included. It will make you a better fisherman but also an expert in the eyes of your client. This is a really interesting course with a high demand by many anglers.

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